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Dental Floss and Toothpick, 20Pcs in Each packet (2 Packet)

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  • Cleans Between Your Teeth
  • Makes Flossing Easier Than Ever Before
  • Prevents the Risk of Painful Gum Disease
  • Package Contents: 20 Pcs in Each Packet (2 Packet)
  • Helps You Maintain Healthy Teeth and Prevents Plaque Build-up
Dental Floss Toothpicks Are Designed to Help Remove Plaque From Areas Between Your Teeth That Are Not Cleaned by a Toothbrush Daily Use Helps Fight Unpleasant Breath and Gingivitis. Use One Side as Floss and Another Side as Toothpick. Material: Plastic, Nylon Wire. Better Effect Highly Recommended for Daily Use. 20pcs in Each Packet.

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